Photograph by Walker Magnum of Anegada Horseshoe Reef

Hermodice carunculata
Photograph by PervyPirate of fireworm in Mediterranean

        Fireworm, Hermodice carunculata, is an ocean predator of vary types of organisms specifically coral (Perex & Gomes 2012). The fireworm can be found throughout many aquatic environments worldwide including, but not limited to the Caribbean Sea (Wolf & Nugues 2012), Western Atlantic Ocean (Perez & Gomes 2012), and the Mediterranean Sea (Arias et al. 2013). The fireworm's habitat is often coral reefs and littoral areas in tropical seas, which is home to many of the organisms they consume;  The main diet of the fireworm is coral, anemones, and algae (Perez & Gomes 2012). Hermodice carunculata allows is known for being a host to coral-bleaching bacteria (Sussman et al. 2003). The fireworm can even pose a threat to humans because it can emit a irritant through harpoon-like chaetae into the handler's skin causing a stinging feeling and irritation (Arias et al. 2013). The small, but dangerous fireworm can pose a threat to all types of creatures found in the sea. Beware the fireworm!

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