Phelsuma laticauda gecko


Gold Dust Day Gecko

This website is focused completely on Phelsuma laticauda commonly known as the Gold dust day gecko. This gecko is native to Madagascar, but can also be found in Hawaii and coastal regions of other countries. P. laticauda has a very interesting life and you can find out all about this species on this website.

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Rakotopare.

This website was created to go in-depth and explore many features of the Gold Dust Day Gecko. This is the common name for this lizards, however, it is often referred to by its scientific name, Phelsuma laticauda. One of the main identifiers of this genus, is that it is mostly alert during the day, which is different from most Geckos. 

To find out more about this gecko and other extant species of the Phelsuma lizard visit our classifications page.