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Diving Into the Life of a Rockhopper Penguin

Welcome to the site of the infamous Eudyptes chrysocome, or more commonly known as the Southern Rockhopper penguin. This crazy-haired organism can be found not only on the sub-Antarctic islands but also in a store near you in the popular film Happy Feet.

Throughout this website there are many topics describing the life of a Southern Rockhopper penguin. These significant penguins play an important role in the stability of the communities in which they are involved, despite being in a vulnerable state. Photographed by Chris Huh. Licensed for reuse. Southern Rockhopper penguins preening. Continued overfishing, pollution, and environmental changes may jeopardize the existence of Eudyptes chrysocome.

Start getting familiar with our friend, the Southern Rockhopper penguin, by checking out its classification.

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