Hippocampus bargibanti Photo used with permission by Dave Harasti

The tiny seahorse with a large impact

         As students at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, we were assigned to create a website for an organism. H. bargibanti was chosen by us over the other 31 species of seahorses because of its unique characteristics, of which this website will thouroughly explain. Take a second to look at your thumbnail. Did you know that there is a seahorse that exists that is the same size? Not many are aware that such a small seahorse exists!

    As one of seven different pygmy seahorse types, there are many characteristics that set H. bargibanti apart from the others. This site goes through many aspects of the organism, including its classification in the family Syngnathidae, its habitat  in coral reefs of the Pacific, its incredible ability to camouflage, its rare capability to have male pregnancy, and its relationship with its host species, Muricella, among other facts!

To learn more about this recently discovered pygmy seahorse, perhaps begin by first browsing and learning about its classification.

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