Synchiropus splendidus: The Psychedelic Fish

As students enrolled in the Organismal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse we were assigned to create a webpage about an organism. We chose Synchiropus splendidus over any other organism because of its pleasant appeal to the eye. Synchiropus splendidus, also known as the mandarinfish is appealing because of its beautiful, intense, vibrant coloration. This specific coloration gave this fish its name because it reminded scholars of the elaborate colors of oriental robes (Preuss 2009). Synchiropus splendidus was first recognized in 1927 (All Wild Animals 2013) and has some very unique characteristics that set it apart from other organisms. This webpage will go into detail about many aspects of this organism's life, including its classification in the Callionymidae family, its habitat in the Southwest Pacific, its unique function of a mucus layer, its unique reproduction rituals, and its rare interactions with other organisms, while including interesting facts. Enjoy our webpage!

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Note- Photo credit for the header: Viatour 2008