Beast with the Hairy Skirt

Welcome to the informative datebase, concerning the hairy beast the Ovibos moschatus.  This arctic mammal is found primarly in the northen region.  It is known to live through some harsh, cold, and bitter weather with little vegetation and short summers with good vegetation.  These specific types of oxen have short legs and their entire body is convered with fur.  They are especially known for its shaggy coasts, which portray as a skirt and brushes along the ground as it walks.  Their average mass is 285 kilograms. 

Ovibos moschatus are known for competing for dominance among their head.  The dominant male is usually between six to eight years old therefore he is big and built.  To keep dominance they use certain behaviors such as roaring, head butting, and pasturing. 

The Ovibos moschatus reproduce sexually and usually have one calf born between April and May.  These calves are dependent on their mothers for protection, milk, and specifically for warmth because of the bitter weather.  Death for young calves and even older adults is common from the weather. 

This species is very social and can be found in herds as small as five or as large as sixty in the wintertime.  These animals communicate verbally by grunting or snorting while noverbally communicating by stomping, pushing, or shoving.

The Ovibos moschatus are herbivores and graze on grass, moss, shurbs, and herbs.  Since this vegetation is only available during the summer so during the winter season they have to adapt and feed off of willow, dwarf birch stems, and roots. 

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