Chilling with Cyclosa conicaThis is an image of the Cyclosa conica on a leaf.

Do you consider yourself one of the numerous people that suffer from Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)? Does the thought of eight legs creeping across your skin, a thin, ornate web hanging from the ceiling, or a vicious, venomous bite cause your skin to crawl and your blood to pump? Well, have no fear because the itty bitty Cyclosa conica spider is here! This website is dedicated to exploring the world of this human-friendly spider. Feel free to be entranced by the unique and fascinating information surrounding this one-of-a-kind organism. From its camouflaging prey-decorated web to the sacrificial males, the Cyclosa conica will have you engrossed from start to finish!

Throughout this website you will be able to feast on the knowledge surrounding this orb-weaving spider. A good place to begin your journey is to gain your bearings on where this organism is located within the diversity of life on the classification page. Next, march your mouse right on down to the habitat page where you can understand specifically where this organism resides and what types of This is an image of a Cyclosa conica on its web.characteristics it demands from its habitat. Then, continue on to the form and function page where you can become an expert at understanding the physiology and morphology of this spider and how they are evolutionarily advantageous. Want to know how this organism accomplishes one of the largest goals of biology: reproduction? Continue on to the reproduction tab to read up on how this organism accomplishes this vital task. How does the Cyclosa behave with others? What makes this spider’s mouth water? Who are its enemies? Who takes advantage of Cyclosa in a host/parasite relationship? Look no further than the interactions page to satisfy your craving for this knowledge. Finally, if you are looking to find a brief summary of some of the most unique and compelling information surrounding this spider, then click on the tab that leads you directly to our facts page!

Feeling adventurous? Feel free to check out the captivating features of the Cyclosa conica through stunning photography.

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A great place to begin your journey is with the classification page, let's go!

A collage of the Cyclosa conica spider on leaves