Need A Pet?

The Clibanarius tricolor can be a great addition to saltwater tanks if you have one at home. If you don’t have one, there is a small description below to start one.

These hermit crabs are very small and grow to only about one inch, so they don’t require very much space. For every gallon, there can be one blue-leg hermit crab. Because of their variety in nutrition, they make a very good clean-up crew at the bottom of the ocean. They control the algae levels and are very active scavengers, so they’re always looking for a little more to clean. The price of adding a blue-legged hermit crab is very inexpensive, all selling for less than six dollars, many selling at just about one dollar. These hermits don’t require very much care. What could help them though, is adding iodine and mineral supplements to keep their beautiful gastropod shells and exoskeleton strong and healthy. It is also imperative the water be changed frequently to prevent excess nitrogen, which can produce a negative effect on the critters and organisms that live in the tank.