Welcome to the site about the largest known land mammal EVER!

This website is all about the Paraceratherium. It has also been referred to as Baluchitherium ahttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Paraceratherium_C_Knight.jpgnd Indricotherium.  The Paraceratherium is most closely related to modern day rhinoceroses and is commonly known as the Giant Rhino.  Learn more about its classification by clicking here.  

It was alive in the Oligocene period, which lasted about 33.9 to 23 million years ago.  During this period more and more herbivores began to appear, including the Paraceratherium.  The seasons were often extreme, especially in dry and wet seasons and the large size of the Paraceratherium helped it survive.  To learn more about the  habitat and geography of these massive mammals, click here.

When alive it was known to be about 16 feet tall at the shoulder and weighed about 18 tons!  To get a perspective, an average size elephant is about 5 tons.  You can learn more about the size of the Paraceratherium by clicking here.