Steller's Jay


Welcome to the home of the Cyanocitta stelleri

Cyanocitta stelleri is the scientific name for the more commonly known bird, the Steller’s Jay.  The Steller’s Jay was named after the German zoologist who discovered it in the northern Pacific coastal area in 1740.  Cyanocitta means blue jay and stelleri comes from the man who discovered it, George W. Steller (CAC 2013).  Steller’s Jay is a relativelSteller's Jay perchingy large songbird that has a distinct blue body.  They are usually 11inches with a wingspan around 17 inches (Greene, et al. 1998).  Steller’s Jay is found anywhere from Alaska along the Rocky Mountains and all the way down to Nicaragua (ADW 2001).  This species has 16 different subspecies that vary slightly in color and size.  These birds are known to be very social and interact with other birds in some interesting ways.  They are well known for their ability to mimic other birds and even other species (AAB 2005).  To find out more about the Steller’s Jay you can explore our website.

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