Come adventure the world of the Tasmanian Cave Spider!

Hello there! We are two biology students making a web page for our Organismal Biology class about this wonderful organism. Welcome to our web page that is completely dedicated to exploring and learning about the Hickmania troglodytes, better known as the Tasmanian cave spider! In order to truly understand and appreciate this marvelous and intriguing organism, we will be discussing the habitat and geography, form and function, reproduction, interactions with other species, and some other interesting facts! But first, lets learn a little bit about what exactly the Hickmania troglodytes is and why it falls into certain groups by studying its classification!Tasmanian caves

Don't be afraid of this scary looking spider, once you get to know more about this species, you will have a better understanding of how it improves nature and helps the species around it. Maybe you'll even start to like spiders a little more once you understand them better. The Tasmanian cave spider may look intimidating, but under that tough exterior it's a pretty harmless species. So explore more of this webpage and see all that this unique spider has to offer. You'll be surprised at how much there is to learn about such a small organism!

Come on! Venture deeper into this site. There's so much to learn about these spiders. Follow us deep into the cave faunas and discover all that the Tasmanian cave spiders have to offer.

There are plenty of species for you to learn about! If you want to learn about more organisms from other Bio 203 students feel free to check out the page  Or go to the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse homepage to learn more about our University and Biology courses.

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