Aplysia dactylomela, an intriguing, purple-inking sea slug

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This website was created in the hopes of thoroughly informing the public about the interesting sea creature the spotted sea hare, known formally as Aplysia dactylomela. Relatively understudied and underappreciated, the spotted sea hare leads a unique life with aspects that may surprise you! Take some time to browse through our website to find out more about where you can find this sea slug and how it has adapted to this environment, its interesting reproductive methods, some of the other organisms it interacts with and how it does and plenty of other interesting facts! We hope you enjoy browsing through our site and become familiar with our slimy little friend, Aplysia dactylomela.


To start your journey into the world of spotted sea hares, dive into its classification to uncover the origins of this magnificent species.


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