Liza vaigiensis


The Liza vaigiensis- An overlooked aquatic wonder!

Welcome to the Home of the incredible Liza vaigiensis. Taxonomic classifications can be located on the Classification page.  Read about the vastly expansive Habitat which has lead to well documented and phenomenal Adaptations.

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Find out how the Liza vaigiensis Reproduces as well as several interesting Facts specific to the species.

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Common Names – The Liza vaigiensis can be found in a multitude of locations around the world, displaying several phenotypes, some specific to regional environments. These phenotypes, along with the diverse languages spoken throughout the inhabited environments, equate to  myriad of common names.  The Liza vaigiensis is known by; Squaretail mullet, Diamond-scale mullet, and the Blackfin mullet within primarily English speaking countries.

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