The Smiley Wiley Worm: Euperipatoides rowelli

Euperipatoides rowelli


Here, you will discover the wonder that is Euperipatoides rowelli, or more commonly known as the Velvet Worm. Although Euperipatoides look like a soft smiling worm, it is actually a skilled evolutionary predator as shown through its interactions with other organisms.On this website, you will learn all about Euperipatoides, such as how the "eyes" you see on the Euperipatoides rowelli above are actually a fierce predation mechanism known as the oral papillae.

After reading our site you will be able to master you classification between the Euperipatoides and any other species regardless of their similarities. In addition, this website will give you a better understanding on the reproduction and adaptations of this species. It is recommended to check out all the tabs provided on this website in order to fully understand what it means to be a Euperipatoides.




  To learn more about the oral papillae and how this smiley wiley worm eats visit our interactions page!



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                                               Header used throughout the webpage is a Euperipatoides rowelli photographed by Andras Keszei