Side shot of a Helmeted Hornbill. Photo courtesy of Pierre de Chabannes

Welcome to the land of the Helmeted Hornbill!!

Scientific Name:

Buceros (Rhinoplax) vigil*

Common Names:

Helmeted Hornbill;

Great Helmeted Hornbill;

Solid-billed Hornbill


This is the southeastern asia the home of the Helmeted Hornbill (Buceros vigil) an extremely unique and interesting bird of this part of the world. If you are here to learn more about this organism(trust me, you want to learn more) than continue on to learn about the many important characteristics of this fascinating hornbill. This site goes into depth in the many important biological characteristics of this organism including this animals taxonomic classification, its habitat, its many adaptations, how it reproduces, its interactions with other organisms, and a variety of other facts.

To start, we will be look at the classification of this organism.


If this organism is not something you are interested in feel free to explore a plethora of other organisms


*There is variation in the genus of this organism but this site will be using the Buceros genus