In shallow waters

Do not get too excited now.. You are about to learn about one of the coolest and the wideliest-distributed stomadopods found in shallow waters (Hatziolos, 1983).  If just shown a picture, you may think our species, Pseudoquilla ciliata, resemble cray fish, an organism you may have even eaten for dinner before.  This species though would be pretty hard to capture and eat! Throughout this website you will learn why this speicies be tough to capture and to eat as well as where it can found hiding, what it eats, how it captures its prey and its means of reproducing.

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If you are interested in learning not only about our species but others, you can go to , here you will find numerous other pages of different species done by students at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse who are/were in Organismal Biology 203!  Throughout our website we have links to multiple other organisms researched by students in Organismal Biology this year and previous years, enjoy!


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