Welcome! Here is a website where you can learn all about the Nomascus Hainanus, also known as the Hainan Gibbon. This beautiful creature is the rarest primate to exist!


Figure 1. The above image is the Hainan Gibbon in its natural habitat swinging along the tree tops.

Take a look throughout the pages on this website to learn about the uniqueness of the Hainan Gibbon through the the following:

The classification of the organism to see where it fits in each taxonomic level and how it fits into life.

The habitat of the gibbon to discover where it can be found and what its environment is like.

The adaptions of the gibbon such as how it reacts to the environment and other organsims in its habitat.

The nutrition to see what the gibbon's diet consists of as well as how it gets its food.

The reproduction to find out how gibbons react sexually and their reproductive behavior.


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