Dr. Amadej TrnkoczyBlossoms of Snow

Have you ever wondered what the inspiring Von Trapp family was singing about when they performed "Edelweiss" in the beloved classic film The Sound of Music? Look no further. The intent of this webpage is to provide you with ample information about the "small and white" flower Leontopodium alpinum, commonly known as Edelweisss, and why the imprint it leaves behind should reach deeper than the words of song. This alpine flower is often found near piles of snow and thrives in the hearty environment the European Alps provides. The fact that this plant is not an organism most of us can walk out our back door and admire has helped the tremendous amount of research that went into this project to be all the more exciting.

On this webpage, you will find links to a plethora of information about Edelweiss that has been deemed significant through research. We both truly enjoyed learning so much about an organism of such great symbolic importance and hope you will find the information provided on this page to be engaging, valuable, and everything inbetween.

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