Mustela frenata. Photo by Donald Quintana. Used with permission.


Beware of the Long- tailed Weasel!Long-tailed weasel. Photo by Matt Schwartz. Used with permission.

The long-tailed weasel, otherwise known as Mustela frenata, is a small yet powerful mammal found throughout most of Americas. Although small, it has been known to take down animals much larger than itself and is a vicious predator! When hungry, it will devour anything from insects to rabbits. They are notorious and aggressive killers that are rumored to eat only small portions of its prey, such as the brain. Mustela frenata has even been known to attack humans. Do not be afraid by its cute and cuddly appearance!

The goal of this website is to provide an overview of this fascinating animal. Enjoy!

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Main website image by Donald Quintana. Visit his website or flickr for more nature photography. Thank you to Donald Quintana for the great image!

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