Euconulus alderi  or E. alderi

(Gray, 1840)

Terrestrial Snail

Top viewl of an E. alderi snail.

Fig. 1  © UWLAX
A picture of an E. alderi shell from a top view.

       Euconulus alderi are terrestrial snails from the phylum Mullusca which comes from the Latin word molluscus meaning soft bodied. E. alderi shells are dark brown or copper in color and shiny. Their shell has distinctive spiral lines from the top view, but indistinct ribbing on the base of the shell. The shell is normally less than 2.8 mm in diameter. E. alderi live on land and prefer moist areas and are most commonly herbivores or detrivores (Nekola 2002).

       There is not much known about E. alderi and their taxonomy is not very clear because many scientists argue over which clades exist and which ones do not. Despite there not being an abundance of information on the E. alderi, many things can be inferred because of their close relatives.



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