Discover A Great Gastropod Today!

Gastropods have a great fossil record and belong to the largest, most diverse class of Molluscs. There are nearly 70,000 extant (living) species of gastropods, another 15,000 fossil species, and many more that have yet to be identified (Hickman, 2009)!

 "Webbhelix" means "spiral" (Helix, 2011). "Multilineata" means "many-banded" (Pilsbry, 1940). After decoding the Latin meanings, you can certainly see, in the picture on the left, how this name was generated. To understand how this snail fits into the overall Tree of Life, check out the Classification page.

There are so many interesting facts about this particular snail, so take some time and discover all the things that make Webbhelix multilineata such a fascinating species!

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