Lambda Snaggletooth (Sterki)    Picture of Sterki

    Welcome to the one-and-only website devoted to the most interesting snail in all of the land! Gastrocopta holzingeri, also known as either the Lambda Snaggletooth or Sterki. How did this snail get these fascinating nick-names? If you observe the parietal lamella of the snail you will see that it is forked in front. This resembles the Greek letter "λ". When the snail is found in the wild, it is this pattern in the lamella which identifies the organism (Baker, 1939).
    Sterki is a familiar name associated with this species because it was discovered by a physician named Victor Sterki. Unlike most conchologists, Victor was drawn to the smaller species of snails, rather than the large ones. By focusing on the minute snails, Sterki discovered several American species which other conchologists had overlooked. (Baker, 1939).
    This site contains many interesting facts on the Lambda Snaggletooth snail, including its taxonomic classification, where it likes to live, how it has adapted to it's surroundings, what it eats, and how it reproduces. Click any of the links on the top to get started, have fun!

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