Mesodon zaletus (toothed globe) 

The land snail Mesodon zaletus is commonly known as the toothed globe because of its tooth like appendage on the shell.  The shell is imperforate, depressed-globase, solid and cream in color (sometimes cinnamon-buff).  Extending from the smooth tip, the embryonic whorls have striae that radiate from the structure.  These striae are short at first but become longer as it gets larger.  The snail has a spire that is slightly elevated and has convex outlines. 

Looking at the picture to the right you can notice a white lip, this lip is usually flatly reflected and is nearly 3 mm wide.  The parietal wall bears a white oblique tooth which is where the snail gets its common name, toothed globe.  

According to a study by
, The shell of an adult Mesodon zaletus snail varies in height. There are shells that have high spires and others that have spires that are nearly flat.  The parietal tooth extending from the shell also varies in
size and in some cases the tooth is absent.     


April 1, 2011