Pupoides albilabris at a glance




     Pupoides albilabris, (the White Lip Dagger) is a snail belonging to the family Pupillidae scattered throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States. The snail is relatively small, shell size is only approximately 5mm long and 2.2mm in diameter. The shell has been described as being dark brown, or a somewhat glossy cinnamon color. This shell also exhibits several other structural characteristics, such as being minutely perforate, having small regularly patterned holes. There should be evidence of a slight taper from the last whorl to the summit of the shell, which should be somewhat rounded. This gives a slightly expressed overall conic shape.  Close examination may reveal the shell to be lightly marked with striations, or slightly evident lines of growth running up and down the length of the shell as seen in the photo to the left. The typical specimen will display 5 and 1/2 to just 6 whorls. Some individuals may show fewer than normal whorls, see Facts. Individual whorls are strongly rounded on the outside, with the last half-whorl being somewhat compressed. The opening of the shell is more or less oval in shape. The characteristic white lip of the shell is expanded and strongly thickened within. The upper lip of the aperture of the shell should be more strongly strongly arched near the upper insertion. It should be noted that the shells in living specimens is often coated in dirt or other soil substrate.(Pilsbury 1948).


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