Welcome to my website dedicated to the Vertigo bollesiana, more commonly known as the delicate vertigo. As I have found out the hard way, not much information is available on the genus Vertigo, so as you can imagine finding information on this specific species was complicated to say the least. If anything I hope this website serves as a handy time saver which allows you to find out all sorts of interesting facts about this species in one spot.


The delicate vertigo is a tiny land snail with an amber-brown, beehive-shaped shell 1.5 mm in height with weak striations on its 4.5 to 5 whorls. The aperture or main opening has five teeth (Walker, B. 1905).
This website is a project for my class animal biology 210, and will be made available on multipleorganisms.net along with all sorts of other organisms. If you're looking for more information on land snails found in Wisconsin visit the Wisconsin land snails page.