I await in the trenches.. to overwhelm, to destroy.....

                                                                            I am Fossaria obrussa...  



The above picture is of 2 snails in a pond, again they are not the Fossaria obrussa.

It is known that snails are intermediate hosts of parasites and unfortunately this one is no different. It serves as an intermediate host for the following trematode infections: Blood Flukes (Schistosoma which causes Schistomiasis), Sheep Liver Fluke ( Fasciola hepatica), Lung Fluke ( Paragonimus westermani), Giant liver Fluke (Fascioloides magna). White Tail deer, sheep , pigs , goats, and horses are susceptible to these as well (Hickman et al. 2009)Humans can actually become infected with this parasite and develop a disease called Fascioliasis, which is characterized by epigastric pain, fever, hepatomegally (enlarged liver), jaundice (yellow coloration), uticaria (a type of skin rash) , and diarrhea(everyone knows this one). If the infection is not treated fibrosis of liver can occur(free online medical dictionary).

 liver fluke
The above picture is of the liver of a White-Tail Deer, at the bottom (red oval shape) is the adult liver fluke.

The above picture is of a Fossaria obrussa.