Welcome To The Exciting World Of Snails!

As a kid almost everyone went searching for shells while they were in or by water.  Everyone wanted to find that big beautiful colorful  looking shell on television or that they saw in stores.  It's sad to say that if you live inland the probability of this was nearly zero, mostly what was found were relatively unattractive darkly colored mussels.  However if one searched hard enough they would find small curled and corkscrewed shells of freshwater and possibly even terrestrial snails.  Snails belong to the class Gastropoda which also contains slugs and conchs, just to name a few.  Campeloma crassula is one of those shells you or someone you know may have found and didn't even know it!  This website is dedicated to helping better understand this organism as well as other organism like it. 

More information can be found on snails at MultipleOrganisms.net as well as on LandSnailsofWisconsin.edu.