Neohelix solemi (Coastal Whitelip)

Welcome to our website concerning the snail Neohelix solemi, commonly referred to as Coastal Whitelip. This land snail was discovered in 1988 by Dr. Emberton, along the eastern coast of the United States, hence the common name of Coastal Whitelip (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

Throughout our website you will be learning about the N. solemi and information regarding its classification, habitat, adaptation, nutrition and reproduction. This website was designed for an Animal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and is part of a larger project known as Multiple Organisms. For more information regarding snails living in Wisconsin visit Wisconsin Land Snails.


Snail joke of the day:

A snail walks into a bank to make a deposit. Then a turtle comes in and robs the bank. Afterward, the police are interviewing the snail and ask him to recount what had happened. The snail says, "I don't know, it all happened so fast."

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