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Millerelix fatigiata inhabits a very small range and is found only in Indiana in the vicinity of New Harmony, in Tenessee in Nashville, Clarksville, Montgomery County, and Franklin County, and in Kentucky (Pilsbry 1948). Other members of the genus Millerelix are also found in Tennessee or in nearby states in the southeastern U.S. (EOL).

In terms of climate, Millerelix fatigiata lives in a temperate climate with average temperatures around 65-85F in the summer and 27-45F in the winter. Average rainfall for Nashville is relatively steady, varying from 3 to 5 inches per month - May being the wettest and October being the driest (rssWeather). The average annual precipitation for Nashville is 48 inches (122 cm) per year (City-Data).

While the specifics of Milerelix fatigiata's habitat are unclear, terrestrial snails in general are often found in moist environments, such as under old logs in forested areas (Baker 1939) and below the leaf litter (Dourson 2006). Outside of the forest, many snails also find shaded areas in gardens to be a desirable habitat (Klappenbach 2012).



The Encyclopedia of Life map above hightlights Millerelix fatigiata's limited home range. For more information, either click on the map to go to the EOL page that it came from or visit Discover Life's point map page, which also includes specimen records.


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