This website is all about the snail Neohelix alleni (Sampson, 1883)! This snail has gone through several name changes; it has also been called Triodopsis alleni and Triodopsis albolabris alleni.  As cited in Emberton, the subgenus Neohelix was raised in the revision of Triodopsinae (Takahiro, 1993). Any time there is a reference to one of the names previously mentioned, please be aware that we are talking about the same species. This species is also commonly called the Western Whitelip snail. Of the triodopsine members, the Neohelix subgenus is composed of the largest snails and its large size can be seen the photograph above (Emberton, 1988). 

The white lip of Neohelix alleni can be easily seen in the photograph above, which is the basis of its common name "Western Whitelip".  

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