Entomologists are biologists who study the life cycles, body structures, behaviors and interactions of insects. The word "insect" may send a chill down your spine when you simply think of all the hairy, many legged creatures that many people find repulsive. Yet, Hemaris thysbe belongs to this classification of animals and I am willing to bet that you may have seen this insect zipping around gardens or near meadows and simply passed it off as a beautiful huDorsal View of Hemaris thysbemmingbird.

This website was designed for Hemaris thysbe or Clearwing Hummingbird Moth, and it's purpose is to educate the public about Hemaris thysbe and act as a resource for future students around the world who may find themselves interested in this fascinating insect. Information gathered hopefully will excite others enough to dive deeper into learning more about this wonderful organism.

Dr. Rodger Haro, Professor of Biology at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, is an entomologist and shares a enthusiastic passion for his students to learn more about this enormous field of study. This website represents the collaborated work of two of his students who are interested in the exciting world of biology. Enjoy!