how and what does sialis velata eat?

Sialis velata larvae are predatory insects. They feed mostly on other small aquatic animals such as worms, other insect larvae, molluscs (Engel 2004); ostracods, oligochaetes, and chironomids (Locklin et al. 2006). The larvae have strong grasping mouth parts that they can capture and chew their food with (Anderson et al. 2003). They eat infrequently and are sit-and-wait-type predators (Gallon et al. 2008).

Sialis velata adults have chewing type mouth parts, but are observed to not eat much (Herbert 1965). When they do eat, they may feed on flower nectar or plant sap (EcoSpark), or they may feed on pollen (Engel 2004). Many of the adult male alderflies do not eat at all (EcoSpark).

Alderfly larvae strong and sharp mouth parts used for capturing and chewing prey. Photo by Neil Phillips.