Inflectarius smithi


This website was created to help people understand more about Inflectarius smithi, a small terrestrial snail found mainly in the states of Alabama and Tennessee, North America. I hope you find the information provided educational on this snail species. You can also learn more about different land snail species at the Wisconsin land snails page.

An Inflectarius smithi shell is shown in the picture, periostracal hairs protrude from the shell and the snail itself is pulled into the shell. Ratnasingham, S. & Hebert, P. D. N. <>

This project was assigned by Dr. Kathryn Perez of UW La Crosse, where students are assigned a specific species of snails (or any other organism) to research and develop a website for gathered information. You can learn more about this project at Dr. Perez is an avid biologist and specializes in snails. To learn more about Dr. Perez, visit this link to her personal page regarding her education and career.

To begin learning about Inflectarius smithi, go to the Classification page, where there is a break down of how Inflectarius smithi fits into the classification it was given.



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