Hypoderma bovis (Warble Fly) Linnaeus, 1758
Welcome to the Hypoderma bovis home page! This website is dedicated completely to the education and information about the warble fly.  Everything from the classification to fun facts can be found right here on this website!

    The Hypoderma bovis is also referred to as heel flies, warble flies, bomb flies, or gad flies (Sanchez-Arroyo 2011). The Hypoderma bovis is covered in hair(Berube 2007).  Adult warble flies generally resembles a bumble bee because they are the same or similar colors: brown, orange and yellow (Swan and Papp, 1972). They are often found in Northern cattle.  The main sign these flies are infesting your cattle is large cyst like bumps around their spinal cord (Berube 2007). Continue reading to find out more about these flies!

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