Time to get hooked!


               Being a small fish in a huge lake has its advantages and disadvantages.  This website has everything you need or maybe want to know about the Orange spotted Sunfish. From this fish's habitat to how it functions. This website will educate you in all areas. If you aren’t entirely interested in the life of an Orange spotted Sunfish, then read it to become the best Orange spotted Sunfish angler.  

               Anglers of Wisconsin and anglers from around the country can benefit from this website to learn just exactly what makes this little fish tick. Cheyenne and Mikaelah will dig deep into the issues of being this Sunfish. This website will give you knowledge on the classification, habitat, adaptations, nutrition, reproduction, and other interesting facts.

               Mikaelah Laube and Cheyenne Hoffman created this website for their Animal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. This website was created to provide specific information on the Lepomis humilis and to help familiarize people on the family Centrarchidae (sunfishes).


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