Not Your Average "Bear"

Yogi Bear loves his picnic baskets. Smoky the Bear reminds everyone to prevent lethal forest fires. Polar bears are the largest land predators in the world, while occupying some of the harshest climates. These animals may humor, inspire, or awe an audience, but the overall characteristics pale in comparison to another organism invisible to the naked eye. Prepare to meet the amazing--wait for it--Hypsibius dujardini; a member of the Tardigrade phylum that is affectionately referred to as the "water bears".

One doesn't have to be involved in science to understand the amazing capacity held by our minute friends after hearing of their ability to survive almost any habitat or condition. When "any habitat or condition" is said, that's a literal statement. If living through boiling heat, [almost] absolute zeros, and even cosmic radiation doesn't inspire envy in the majority of life on this geoid, then the Avengers can come take a hack at one of them.

So come check out this amazing species of animal, and be ready to add the little extremophiles to a scientific wish-list. Hypsibius dujardini awaits.