Chelonia mydas - Green Turtle

© Jack Javech / NOAAPhysical Description

Length: up to 120 cm (Lemm, 2006)

Weight: 230 kg (Lemm, 2006)

Coloration: The dorsal area of the shell, or carapace, of the Chelonia mydas can be of green, brown, rusty reddish brown, or light brown in color (Lemm, 2006). Markings such as spots, streaks or mottling are common, especially with older individuals (Lemm, 2006). The underside of the shell, or plastron, is typically whitish or yellowish in color (Lemm, 2006).

The carapace of the Chelonia mydas has two large oblong pre-ocular scales, four pairs of costal scales, one pair of prefrontal scales, and four pairs of post-orbital scales (Lemm, 2006).

Males of this species have longer tails in comparison to the females (Lemm, 2006). In addition to added length, there is a large nail at the tip of the male's tail (Lemm, 2006). Furthermore, the male also has a enlarged curved claw on the ends of their flippers which are used to grasp the female while mating (Lemm, 2006).




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