Libellula quadrimaculata, most commonly known as the Four-Spotted Chaser. This common name of a "chaser" originates from the organism's tendencies; if any organism or any other dragonfly is near its territory, it will viciously chase them away. It is called the "four-spotted" chaser because of the dark spots on each of its wings - there are commonly two spots on each wing, totalling four on each side of the body.

This picture was taken from with permission from Karl Volkman. All rights reserved to Karl Volkman. This is a picture of the Libellula quadrimaculata that has landed on a blade of grass, shows the veined wings and how the wings and the body are pretty much the same size.

Domain: Eukarya
Highest taxonomic rank of organisms. Eukaryote are defined as an organism whose cells contain complex structures within membranes.

Kingdom: Animalia
Kingdom is the second highest taxonomic rank of organisms This kingdom is defined as all animals that are living or extinct.

Phylum: Arthropoda
An arthropod is defined as an invertebrate having a segmented body, jointed limbs, and usually chitinous shell that undergoes molting.

Class: Insecta
The class insecta is usually defined as having three main body parts, three pairs of legs, two pairs of wings, metamorphosis which means that the organism undergoes many stages of development, compound eyes, complex mouthparts and a pair of antennae.

Order: Odonata
Odonata are some of the Earths oldest organisms, they are defined as carnivorous insects, who have large rounded heads which are mostly covered by there large compound eyes. There legs are very useful for catching prey, they have two pairs of transparent wings and a very elongated abdomen. Also the meaning of Odonata means toothed jaws.

Family: Libellulidae
Libelluidae are usually known as skimmers, preachers or chasers, they are the largest dragonfly family in then world. Wing pattern is usually used to define this family.

Genus: Libellula
Mostly new world dragonflies. Mainly described by their wing patterns.
Species: Libellula quadrimaculata
Common name is four-spotted skimmer or chaser, know as this because of the four spots one on each of their wings, and because of how aggressive they are.

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