The Amazing Vulpes vulpes

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Why is the red fox so amazing you may ask? For a variety of reasons! Multiple reasons can be found in each of the categories to the left. Explore to your heart's desire and learn how the red fox's generalist adaptations have allowed it to spread across the entire northern hemisphere from Artic Circle to North Africa, Central America and the Asiatic steppes giving it the widest geographical range of any member of the order Carnivora (read more in Habitat and Classification)! It is a wonder in some respects that the red fox is so widespread because of certain interactions it has with some parasites, such as with the sarcoptic mange which resulted in 70-90% deaths across different populations across Europe and the rest of the world. If you aren't as interested in the science behind Vulpes vulpes, we have a interesting section with information with a more entertaining presentation. We have prided ourselves with the accuracy of our information. To cross check our accuracy, check out the reference section. If you want to find out more about the authors of this website or discover the origins of the website, check out the about page where you can also find contact information. Part of my hope is that this website serves not only to satisfy intellectual curiosity, but also to be used as a credible resource.


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