picture by J R Compton. http://www.JRCompton.com/photos/The_Birds/J/

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Hello, my name is Arielle Bauer and I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I created this website as an assignment for my Organismal Biology class led by Dr. Greg Sandland. During this course we have learned about a diverse array of organisms inhabiting this Earth and the webpages are a hands on way of strengthening/using the information that we've learned in lecture to study and discover more about a specific organism. This year the theme for the webpages was "Local Organisms Found Around La Crosse, WI". I picked the Lesser Scaup because I thought it looked like a cute and interesting creature that I wanted to find out more about! If you have any questions for me pertaining to my page you can email me at bauer.arie@students.uwlax.edu. Thanks for checking out my website! I hope you enjoyed it!