Being a member of the phyla animalia, the diving beetle reproduces sexually. They use many intricate behaviors while mating and it is believed pheromones play a large role in locating a mate. Pairing is generally short (less than an hour), and in this time male sperm is transferred to the female and her eggs are fertilized. The fertilized egg is the first stage of 4 in a beetle's life cycle.

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The female then ejects the eggs via a needle shaped organ the comes out of the abdomen called the ovipositor. The eggs are usually injected one at a time into an underwater plant's stem.

Once the eggs hatch they are in the larval stage. To see what the larval form of this beetle looks like check out this
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 Once the larva is fully grown it heads for lands where it  hides under a rock or leaves and transforms into the pupa form of its life cycle. It will stay in this cocoon for several weeks. During this time it is transforming into the diving beetle adult form that is easily recognizable. Once its growth is completed it will break free from its cocoon and head back to water immediately.

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