Damselfly (Zygoptera) 


I used Photoshop to create these coloring pages from real photographs of damselflies.  To print an 8.5x11in coloring page, click on the link beneath the preview picture.  Happy coloring :)

pictures/coloring page.pdf
A picture taken at my friend's cabin in Elcho, WI summer 2009.

pictures/coloring page 2.pdf
A clip art picture that was online.

pictures/coloring page 3.pdf
Damselfly in its naiad form.

pictures/coloring page 4.pdf
A blue damselfly.

pictures/coloring page 5.pdf
From a clip art picture online of a damselfly.

pictures/coloring page 6.pdf
Lestes forcipatus (Sweetflag Spreadwing) mating from Glenn Corbiere's site.

pictures/coloring page 7.pdf
Lestes forcipatus (Sweetflag Spreadwing) from Glenn Corbiere's site.

You see what I can do with Photoshop, but you should learn a little more about me by checking out the About Me page.