About Me

My name is Sarah Kapral and I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse this year.  I made this webpage as part of my Organismal Biology course this semester.  My major is Biology with a Biomedical Science concentration.  My future goal is to be admitted into the UW- La Crosse PA program after undergrad and become a Physician Assistant someday.  I chose the lowbush blueberry for my project because I love to eat fruits, especially blueberries!



I enjoy running and spending time with my extremely large family.  That's why it's cool that I got to run a marathon with all of my 15 siblings last September!  We set a Guinness Record for the most siblings to complete the same marathon (16 total including me).  This is the picture of all of us and my mom after the race. 



If you have any questions, like what it's like growing up in a big family, or more importantly, about my webpage, feel free to contact me at kapral.sara@students.uwlax.edu.  I would love to hear from you!   




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