• The human lung has a 15-20% oxygen to carbon dioxide exchange rate while for beavers it is 75%!
  • During the winter, when beavers swim under the ice, they can rebreathe air! They exhale a large amount of air that no longer has enough oxygen in it. The air bubble is released in such a way that it stays in one large bubble underneath the surface of the ice. They can then let the air bubble become oxygenated again and come back to exchange a new bubble of stale air for the air that is rich in oxygen. This is just one of the many amazing adaptations that beavers have developed.

  • Beavers are in Order Rodentia which is the same order the guinea pig belongs to!
  • Beavers live an average of 12 years in the wild, while they live to be around 19 when they are living in captivity.
  • When beavers become adults, they weigh somewhere around 35-40 pounds.
  • The reproductive tract, anal opening, and scent glands all lead to one opening so that there is less of a chance infection will occur due to swimming in polluted water.
  • Young beavers are extremely playful and affectionate with other beavers within the colony.
  • When beavers build dams, they not only provide homes for themselves, but also for many fish, frogs, turtles, birds and more.


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