Domain: Eukarya - Possess a true nucleus

Kingdom: Animalia

 1. Heterotrophic      

  2. Multicelluar             

  3.  No cell wall

  4. Locomotion

 Phyla: Chordata

1. Bilateral symmetry

2. Segmented Bodies

3. Triploblastic

4. Coelomates


               1. Skeleton mostly bony

       2. Most are tetrapod

       3. Skin moist with secretion glands

       4. Respiration via lungs, skin

       5. Require water for reproduction 


Order: Caudata

                        1. Tailed Amphibians

        2. Four legs of equal size

        3. Lack of scales

        4. Perference for cool moist surroundings  

Family: Ambystomatidae

 1. Medium to large Salamanders

  2. Prominent costal grooves

  3. Robust limbs and bodies and broad heads

  4. Fertilization is internal, and eggs hatch into typical aquatic gilled larvae that transform into terrestrial adults 

Genus Species: Ambystoma tigrinum-

           1. Robust animals with irregular yellow, olive brown, or tan blotches.

   2. Eyes are small with gold irises

   3. Stomach is yellowish or olive yellow

   4.  Males have proportionally longer and compressed tails


As seen from the phylogenetic tree the closest relative of the tiger salamander is the Ambystoma velasci and Ambystoma flavipiperatum  members of the family Ambystomatidae.


The second tree shows a more generalized version that starts which the broad classification ( Eukarya) and increases in complexity as we move up the tree.





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