About Me

Greetings everyone! This is Paj Nra Yang here! Welcome and thank you for checking out my webpage on Viola sororia! I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with a pre-med major, aiming to attend medical school after I graduate. It is my passion and joy to serve and help people, as my family and many other loved ones around me have set an example for me to follow. After medical school, I would love to be called overseas for either short-term or long-term mission trips to third-world countries. I also love to play the guitar and piano, as well as, film produce. Though these are only simple hobbies for now, I pray that they will become useful in the future.


I hope you all enjoyed surfing through this website and learned much as I did making it. It was a challenging but worthwhile experience that truly opened my eyes to see the complexity and beauty of everything around me. The Common Blue Violet did not have any special complex characteristics that prompted me to study it. Rather I was intrigued and interested in it because of its simplicity. I love simple things because sometimes they turn out to be the most beautiful things. That was the case here, as well! I did not notice how complex these simple looking wood violets that grew on our lawn every Spring and Summer were, until I took on this project. Now, when I walk pass any yards or roadsides with Viola sororia, I would pause and smile and think about how such a tiny wildflower can exert so much beauty both in complex and simple ways. This webpage was created for my Organismal Biology class at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse along with many other webpages made by students that can be found on MultipleOrganisms.net.  These are great sources that will help expand your views and thoughts on organisms that you never knew about or organisms that you may have not paid enough attention to.

I want to give a special thanks to Al Schneider, Prairie Moon Nursery, George Rembert, Professor Ava Chin and The Local Staff, Jim Conrad, and the associated staff with Professor Robert W. Freckmann for allowing me to use your helpful photos of Viola sororia. I am very grateful to all the open resources that have provided the information necessary to complete the website. I would also like to thank our Organismal Professor, Dr. Gregory Sandland, for always opening the opportunity to help students and encourage them to expand their views on the biodiversity of life.  Lastly, I want to thank my loving family who truly encouraged me and prayed for the completion of my website. It truly uplifted me.

If you are interested and have not gotten enough out of this webpage, you can find out about more organisms like Viola sororia at Professor Robert W. Freckmann's website on Wildflowers of the Wisconsin Region and Great Lakes Region.

If you have any questions or comments about the website, please feel free to email me at yang.paj@students.uwlax.edu.  Thank you once again for visiting my webpage on Viola sororia. May you walk daily, astounded by the creation and life around you!