HabitatYellow flesh guava

 Psidium guajava is a tropical plant and grows best when

- the altitude is less than 2740 meters

-it gets at least partial sunlight (but does better in full light)

 -the average summer temperature is over 15°C (59°F), but not too hot

-the average rainfall is between 1,000mm and 20,000mm (1-20m) (but it is drought tolerant

-the soil is slightly acidic (pH between 5 and 7) and good drainage

It's indigenous to the American tropics but can grow anywhere with the above specified conditions. Where it isn't indigenous and is an invasive species, it grows like a weed because there is nothing adapted to control it. In Hawaii,  goats (such as the Capra hurcus) eat at the bark of P. guajava tree controlling the population.

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