In order for  Psidium guajava to grow at its best, it should be in slightly acidic soil. It thrives with the soils pH between 5 and 7. Being a plant, P. guajava is photosynthetic, meaning it can make its own food in the presence of light. Though it can make food by light, the guava tree can't make everything it needs. The roots soak up water and other nutrients that the tree needs. these nutrients are then transported all throughout the plant through either the xylem (in the case of food and nutrients) or phloem (in the case of water).

Leaves of P. guajava

Photosynthesis can be demonstrated by the overall equation:

CO2 + H2O + light  C6H12O6 + 6O2

The oxygen is needed by every living thing. Luckily this reaction is so effective and spontaneous that it makes enough oxygen to sustain everything.

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