Mahonia aquifolium is a flower that contains evergreen leaves, yellow flowers, blue berries, and is a well-established flower in the Pacific Northwest, which is why it was anointed the state flower of Oregon.Mahonia aquifoilium: Courtesy of Calypso Orchid After being introduced into Europe in 1822 for ornamental purposes, it took 38 years for M. aquifolium to self pollinate and exist outside of gardens. The Oregon Grape is now a successful invasive species in Europe and is also found in wide range of niches including calcareous mixed forests, dry and hot conditions, to pine forests on sandy soils. The main functions of the Oregon Grape in these environments would be to provide food, protection, and shade for animals that are in that ecosystem. Another important function of the Oregon Grape would be to help with erosion control and soil fixation, since it has an elaborate root system containing a dominant taproot.

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