Domain- Eukarya
Kingdom- Red Algae
Phylum- Rhodophyta
Class- Rhodophyceae
Order- Gigartinales
Family- Petrocelidaceae
Genus Mastocarpus
Species- Mastocarpus papillatus

Mastocarpus papillatus is classified as a Eukaryote since it contains a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles.

The kingdom Red Algae contains organisms that are multicellular and contain the pigment Phycoerithrin.

Mastocarpus papillatus is classified as a member of the Rhodophyta because it contains the photosynthetic pigment, phycoerythrin. Its cell also lacks flagella and centrioles.

Rhodophyceae is the sole class of the phylum Rhodophyta.

Mastocarpus papillatus is classified as a member of the Gigartinales since this species is multicellular, marine, and reproduces sexually. Characteristics of the thallus determine which family the species belongs too. It is either crustole or cylindrical, compressed or membranaceous, and branched or unbrached.

Mastocarpus papillatus belongs to the family Petrocelidaceace. Mastocarpus was once classified into the family Gigartinaceae.  It is now classified as Petrocelidaceace because it was found that the crustose alga Petrocelis is actually the tetrasporophyte stage of Mastocarpus.  Before then, the genus was Gigartina, and it was lumped into the Gigartinales.  This is why the organism is no longer considered to be Gigartina Papillata which is now considered a synonym of Mastocarpus papillatus.

The genus Mastocarpus is separated from the other Genus based on genetic data.

The species is Mastocarpus papillatus since the female gametophyte conatins papillae.  Papillae are small bumps present on the blades that resemble nipple like structures.

According to the supergroup method of classification, Mastocarpus papillatus and other red algae are part of the supergroup Archaeplastida. Other members of this group include the Kindgdoms Green Algae and Land Plants.

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